As well as being a magnificent pianist Hanford is a tender crooner. He can swing an old Gershwin melody with the best of 'em. His favorite tunes are from the first half of the twentieth century. Be-bop, big band, swing, blues, ragtime, and Latin are all in the repertoire. Hanford's professional performance history spans three decades. He loves old melodies as well as improvising on the spot. Heavy on the scatting, Hanford improvises with his voice and piano simultaneously. Walking bass lines with a strong left hand on the piano, he enjoys performing solo as well as in combos.

Although his main instrument is piano, Hanford is multi instrumental. He recently played drums and gigged around Baltimore with Hardcore band, Chhinnamasta. Technically excellent with a few instruments he also enjoy playing any other sound producing device he can get his hands on. Hanford's personal music studio is equipped with drums, banjo, violin, coronet, electric and acoustic guitars, trombone, flutes, saxophone, clarinet, two vintage organs, one grand piano, one upright piano, and a variety of percussion instruments. He uses all these instruments to do multi-tracking and record music

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